Cllr Eddy Humphreys (Banstead Village)

Eddy is a proud resident of Banstead Village and ever since being elected to the Council, alongside councillors Dr Lynne Hack and Sam Walsh, he has pressed for Banstead to be given the attention and investment it deserves. 

He has worked locally for over 20 years, first for HSBC, and now for Alexander House Financial Services. Eddy says of his time as a councillor so far: 

"Since being elected, my main focus in Banstead Village has been to encourage local Business, I have recently set up the Banstead Business Guild. The Guilds aim is to encourage Networking amongst local businesses, develop intuitive ways of increasing footfall in the high street and be a strong representative voice with the Council." 

"At the Town Hall I have spent time getting to grips with various issues on behalf of Banstead Village, along with holding an Executive position as portfolio holder for Economy & Jobs for the whole of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. This gives me a strong voice in the decision making process.  In this position I have represented the council at many events,  forums and awards spreading the word about how good it is to do business in the Borough" 

Beyond the Council, Eddy enjoys time spent with his family, wife Sarah and children Gemma and Dan. weeding his allotment and dusting off his golf clubs every now and again.